Roger Castillo - Satsang - Emotions are concentrated thought

In this Satsang Roger talks about certain feelings and emotions being concentrated thought, hence  beliefs are energetic.  He also talks about the process whereby the ingrained beliefs in doership and attachment to outcomes which are stored in the body in energetic form can be rise to the surface and be uprooted and released.

This Satsang also includes some discussion on the more esoteric aspects of this search such as life being a creation in Consciousness - All there is is Consciousness. A a model or story is put forward which can be used to get a better grasp of the notion of the manifest and the unmanifest.

This is a live video broadcast of Day 5 (Morning Satsang) of a 6 Day Retreat. The next Retreat is a 6 day retreat to be held in Denmark (18th August - 23rd August).  If you are interested in joining the Denmark retreat in person please click here for more details.

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