Perth, WA, 3 Week, Live-in Transformational Retreat

November 6, 2017 10:00 AM
November 26, 2017 1:00 PM
Australia - Perth
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$3000 Australian
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This is rare three week live-in retreat where you and the other participants will live with Roger on the same property sharing in daily activities and tasks, making this much more than a standard Satsang retreat.

Three weeks will give to you a full immersion into what is shared. It will become what you live and breathe. The change that happens when you're exposed to something repeatedly can be amazing - this very much applies to a change of attitude which is what this transformation is all about.

Although, you may leave after 21 days not necessarily being able to put your finger on when the shift occurred, but yet you'll have no doubt that you are leaving a radically changed person.

Participants will share in different tasks to help maintain the smooth running of this three week community gathering. Meals will need to be prepared, shopping done and cleaning, etc.

There will also be a large array of indoor and outdoor projects to get involved in.

The venue is Roger's home property and is set on four acres of land in the forest of the Perth Hills. The setting is beautiful surrounded by nature. The time of year will be early Autumn which is one of the best times to be a part of this landscape.

The natural energy of the place is palpable.

Some portions of the retreat will be silent days (outside of Satsang) in order to allow more stillness and introspection to happen.

There will be plenty of free time to walk in nature, rest, read books and mix with others. There are also lots of enjoyable projects that you can choose to sink your teeth into such as a large range of gardening activities, structure design, carpentry, painting and other beautifying or maintenance work.

The projects will leave you with a sense of satisfaction having used your hands and human capabilities to get practical things done without the pressure of being forced to achieve a result within a tight time frame, or feeling like you must take part in these activities.

An important feature worth mentioning would be George and Apple, two permanent residents on the property that love to play (non human residents and masters of relaxation and fun).

There is an amazing spa to relax in, trees to swing from or string a hammock between. You can even choose to pitch a tent if you prefer to sleep under the stars.

All this interspersed with one or two regular daily Satsangs, daily morning meditation to start the day, group discussion in the evenings and opportunities for one on one exchanges in a beautiful, relaxed informal setting.

This is for those who are really ready to let go, abide in the ground of being and be happy. There is no reason why this can't happen for anyone, it's just a matter of life choosing the right opportunity to wash away those ingrained beliefs which act as a veil to who we truly are and what life really is.


The cost of the 3 week retreat is $3000 Australian (approx €2100, US$2,250) for an all inclusive package. All you have to do is find the call for deep change in your heart and turn up.


To register please click on the below link and submit the form

REGISTER HERE Once your registration form is submitted you will receive a registration email with the deposit requirements and once the deposit has been received you will be notified by email with a receipt.

Below is additional detailed information about the retreat written by Roger.


To start I'd like to express my excitement about this retreat. I feel it will be a significant milestones for anyone who participates. I've seen the effects on participants who are exposed to the teachings on 3 and 6 day retreats, and it's impressive. I always say during the shorter retreats that what is happening is that the concepts are getting a chance to be embedded intellectually, however where the real benefit kicks in is when the concepts are able to be confirmed as accurate for yourself in your own daily life. Because of the shorter nature of a 3 or 6 day retreats this opportunity doesn't present fully in most cases until the retreat is over. And by that time maybe some of what has been shared is not so clear and the ability to reconfirm and ask questions is not there. On this 3 week retreat however, by virtue of its length and the fact participants will be living in community and from time to time interacting with the outside world (whilst shopping or on excursions) a very different process can unfold. What this means is that you will get the chance to see what the concepts are pointing at for yourself in your own daily life while still on retreat. This is a great advantage.


Drop into the moment, see it for what it is, be it, and then do whatever you "feel" to do. So often we live life from a long rigid list of should's and shouldn'ts - there is little freedom or connection when living this way. What is often challenging in life is to see the situation as it really is, to then remain grounded in ones own being without taking it personally, and flow with the situation. This is a skill and way of Being which is so very essential to being happy and yet it's not something which is easy to perfect while continuing to live life in certain environments. In this environment everyone will be encouraged to do in each moment exactly what they feel like doing. Initially this can sound chaotic, surprisingly however it doesn't turn out that way. Having said this, it's probably because there are plenty of explanations given about what this doing what you feel like really means and what factors to take into consideration. This enables awareness to more easily land on various beliefs and habits and a new way of functioning becomes apparent. This is where real change can happen, allowing a shift into a more natural and witnessed flow in daily living. I hope that by the end of the 3 weeks everyone will have had many insights and realisations and will find life being lived with far less suffering and a much stronger connection to Source.

About the Venue, Sleeping Arrangements and Meals All being equal there will be 15 participants taking part on the retreat. The retreat will be held on my 4 acre forest property in the Perth Hills. The property is not specifically a retreat venue, however for a group this size it works very well. The house is a standard 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with two large living rooms. There are three temporary outdoor bedrooms and a large enclosed outdoor living room for people to be able to lounge in during the day. The regular Satsangs, meditations and group gathering will be held in one of the three living spaces. There is plenty of outdoor space, a gazebo with hammock, patio with outdoor tables and chairs, plenty of shady trees and the benefit of an adjoining national park which is ideal for long walks or picnics. There is also an outdoor Jacuzzi. The retreat is being held in late spring. Typically for that time of year the temperature will be very pleasant and mild with low temperatures of about 18 degrees celsius and highs of up to 30 degrees celsius during the day. Generally the days at that time of year will be sunny and clear with not much, if any rain - all in all, wonderful weather conditions.

STRUCTURE AND DAILY ROUTINE Days will begin with a morning meditation before breakfast.

There will be at least one Satsang a day, often two.

These talks will be interactive and will present and re-iterate the core concepts of the teaching. There will also be plenty of time to expand on the core teaching and really look at what emotions, feelings and behaviours the concepts are really referring to. This is an important point, everything that is said refers to your human experience and so coming to see what the words are really revealing is crucial. Sometimes a concept is put forward, let's say about blame and it's not necessarily understood that this word blame can encompass a large array of feelings such as resentment, judgement, jealousy, simple annoyance towards the other for not responding to a message etc... really coming to see specifically what the general concepts are referring to is amazing. There will be regular informal group discussions and question and answers and everyone will have the opportunity for at least one and possibly more one to one private chats with me. Some days may be silent to allow a deepening to happen. Eating and meal preparation will be a significant part of each day. There will also be plenty of free time in between meals and sessions for you to read, or rest, walk, work on projects around the property or socialise. I'm sure many of you will have your own skill sets, such as yoga, dance, singing and so on, so there may well be activities to join in with, such as yoga or music. Because 3 weeks is quite a long time there is a degree of flexibility as to what the daily routine could looks like, much will be decided based on how things are flowing and feeling and what the participants want, so the above is just a general outline of how things will look. Because one of the aims of the retreat is to encourage a movement inline with what you "feel" to do, all activities are optional. There is scope for you to leave the property from time to time to visit the city or other attractions. It may turn out that the group decides to go on an outing, which some people may choose not to participate in if that's what they feel.

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS The 4 bedrooms and study will have single beds in them. 3 beds in the two larger rooms and 2 beds in the other three rooms. This will provide beds for 12 participants, each room will be gender specific. There will also be 3 temporary outdoor rooms with single beds in the garden. If three people have a preference to stay in the outdoor rooms for the entire time then that is possible and if not then the outdoor and indoor beds will be occupied on a rotating basis. I will be sleeping elsewhere on the property to provide the group with its own space and also benefit from that myself.


All meal preparation, shopping and cleanup will need to managed by the participants (participants will not need to pay for food shopping). This will mean coming up with a system that works based on the participants' preferences. Several people may want to take charge of meal preparation, or more likely there will be a daily rooster where 2 or 3 people take responsibility for the days meals and cleanup. This will be decided on once everyone is together and the groups skills and preferences can be taken into account. The meals will be largely vegetarian, although meat and fish options will be available for 2 or 3 meals a week depending on participant preferences. Anyone who has special dietary requirements can have these catered for assuming ingredients are readily available.


There are plenty of tasks around the property that could be undertaken during the days. Jobs such as gardening and raking leaves, burn offs, painting rooms, building garden structures and much more. I enjoy working with my hands and so will be doing some of these sort of projects in between the regular daily satsangs, informal group meets and meditations. No one is expected to do any of thees additional work projects, it would be quite feasible for you to come to the retreat and spend the entire 3 weeks lazing in the hammock - really! However I've found that when we start allowing ourselves to flow and do what we feel like that magically tasks which we previously saw as a burden actually get done from a place of wanting to do them rather than having to do them - let this be our guide.

Well, I hope that this gives you a feel for what the time will be like. In summary the focus will be on realisation of the one formless essence that functions through all of us and how that realisation gets integrated into daily living. I truly hope to see you in Perth in Novemeber.


Peace and Love


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